Elèutheros status report

… what happened in the last months.

Eleutheros (www.eleutheros.org)

Eleutheros (www.eleutheros.org)

The situation is as follow:

  • the Eleutheros *Project* is still active and open to participation
  • All the founders have continued, since last summer, to work according to the project goals as much as we could. Only, it happened mostly at the  personal level, that is each of us worked separately, in person, in his neighborhood. This, and lack of spare  time are the reason why there has been almost nothing new published online in the last 6 months
  • the Eleutheros servers (both web and mailing list) had several problems and, especially the list one, were offline 2 or three times for days during winter. This may also be one reason why the list looked dead. I don’t know exactly the technical details of the situation, but as far as we know, everything is up and running again.

Eleutheros should also be presented at a Free Software conference in Pescara (Abruzzo, Central Italy) next June.
Where does this leave us? Well, with lots of things to do and share about the Project, of course. Again, the Project is alive and we do welcome participation, discussion, or just translations in as many languages as possible of the Eleutheros pages. Please contact us and/or subscribe to the Eleutheros mailing lists to contribute.


Marco Fioretti